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We offer our customers two high quality email solutions as a cloud service. Our product policy is strict. You pay and you get what you pay for. No ads, less conversation.

Business Email
Let's get started with 5GB

Professional, entry-level email service for every kind of businesses. Ideal for teams, startups and small businesses, recommended basic service for freelancers, sole traders or artists.

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Enterprise Email
Pricing starts so low than 1 euro/month/account

Robust email solution designed for all businesses. 30 GB mailbox storage per account. Very scalable.

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Simple pricing

Business: 1-5 are 1.5 euros each, 6 and upwards are 1 euro each

Enterprise: 1-5 are 2 euros each, 6 and upwards are 1.5 euro each

Per month, excluding taxes. 1 year deal.